The Baron of Chinatown

The mysterious insurgent leader solidifying his rule over Chinatown.


No one in the general public knows.


After Bradley’s death, a lot happened, and things were pretty chaotic. It seems that in the chaos, the Baron launched an attack on the few men that Tom Delaney bothered to keep on guard, taking over all of Chinatown and a chunk of Little Italy. The details of the attack are hazy at best, but it seems as though the attack was mostly carried out by mortal gangmembers. Almost none of Delaney’s men made it out. Clearly prepared, the territory was swiftly organized into a well-defended stronghold, and a declaration wound its way into the general Kindred populace from some unknown source.

“The Baron of Chinatown lays claim to his lands as a domain, and welcomes all those willing to abide his rules – including the Clanless.”.

Soon after, the rules themselves were made public.

The Rules Of Chinatown

  • Do not break the Masquerade
  • Do not kill mortals unless absolutely necessary. Sating your hunger quicker does not fall under absolute necessity.
  • Do not hurt or feed upon children.
  • Do not hurt or feed upon our enforcers.
  • Bring injured vessels to a hospital.
  • Your decisions are your own, not your sire’s. All punishments will be given to the rulebreaker. Members of the Camarilla can be tried by them, but we will not hesitate to ban you from our domain.
  • We do not abide disputes. Settle your differences elsewhere.
  • We don’t care who or what you are, all we care about is that you follow the rules.

The Baron of Chinatown

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