But wait, what about rolling

Text presents obvious difficulties as to traditional mechanics. The IRC medium means that rolling can take a while, particularly if everybody wants to know the results. Combat also poses an obvious difficulty.

Given the choice between a fun, fast story and fair but laborious mechanics I’ll take story every time. to that end, I’ll be making a lot of judgement calls. Normally, if your character is good at something, you describe yourself doing it in a way that makes sense, and rolling simply takes time, I won’t roll at all.

For example: if you have the Enchanting Voice merit and 7+ dice for a given social pool, and what you’re attempting is generally doable for a person as graceful as yourself, I don’t need to make you roll. This goes double when what you’re trying to do is logical: convincing a politician to step down from office wouldn’t require a roll if you were a social character and every point you raised was utterly valid. If you were trying to manipulate somebody to act against their self-interest or against their (capital-N) Nature, that MAY require a roll.

Same for intelligent and physically-oriented characters. If your character is built to be really good at something, then generally speaking I’ll give you a certain automatic amount of success as a baseline, and if I’m rolling it’s to see exactly how much info or success I should actually give you rather than to actually see if you will succeed.

So they’ll be at least as many judgement calls as rolls in this act, and when I do roll it’ll generally be for my own sake. I’ll rarely tell you how you did as opposed to letting the results speak through the story. This is especially important for combat. I won’t tell you how much damage you’ve done, simply describe the results of the fight.

Generally, if your character wishes to accomplish something, you would simply write “Description description, PC sets about investigating White Wolf’s online presence.” Unless I’m being particularly thickheaded that’ll prompt me to roll/decide results, and then I’ll just convey those results through the writing. But if you aren’t sure, you can also just ask me to roll something in the OOC chat.


Combat’s going to be quite winged and touch-and-go. Still exploring how to do this, open to suggestions. TBA

But wait, what about rolling

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