PC builds for act 2

To start with, Act II characters are going to use the classic Neonate build with a few key differences.

First, instead of having Primary/Secondary/Tertiary categories for attributes and skills, I’m just giving you guys point pools to distribute as you see fit. For attributes, this means you can distribute 15 dots however the hell you wish, and for skills, you have 29 dots to spend to your heart’s content.

Second: At the beginning of this game, I let you guys either start at 9th gen free or get 4 more freebies. This was stupid. I should have just give you the 4 freebies if I wanted a higher power level. Since 9 is a weird number of background points, though, I’m upping this to 10 points to spend among backgrounds as you see fit. Up to 5 of these can be exchanged for freebies.

Third: Instead of capping Flaws at 7, you can take up to 10 points of Flaws.

At a rate of 3 XP a session, more or less, act one of the Good, the Bad, and the Dead will conclude on the 14th session (more or less) with a net total of 48 XP having been accumulated. Because I like round numbers, upon completion of the act everybody gets 2 xp for a total of 50. Now, most of the PCs have been spending their XP as they got it. For new or secondary PCs—and because this is a text game and largely individually focused, you can have multiple PCs—they start with 50 XP, enough to easily create a Vampire of significant power and clout. For this reason, new PCs should probably be at least 50-150 years old, simply because that’s internally consistent with the NPCs in this Chronicle who are that age. You guys can be Ancillae— the great middle class of the Ivory Tower.

XP is universally granted, but individually spent. What I mean by that is that though all your characters might have a pool of 50 XP, spending XP on one of your characters doesn’t deplete XP for the rest of them. Because of the medium, XP will be slow in coming throughout Act II, but when you do receive XP, record it on your character sheet like so:

X=total number of xp received since beginning of game, Y=what you have left to spend on a given character.

Y (X)

So for a new PC introduced in Act II, you’d start with:

50 (50)

This offers a lot of flexibility in your builds. You could spend all your Freebies on Backgrounds, becoming a powerful Ancilla with many retainers and Allies. Or you could devote everything to personal power, making yourself a monster to be reckoned with. Most Ancilla are somewhere in the middle, but I encourage specialization.

As always, the choice, dear players, is yours.

To recap:

15 pts of attributes

29 pts of Skills

Up to 10 points of Flaws, for a possible total of 25 Freebies.

10 points to start with in Backgrounds, 5 of which can be exchanged for freebies.

When all that’s done, add in 50 XP and spend it as you would during the game.

PC builds for act 2

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